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synonym antonym xref.
感兴趣 1.2
兴趣 1.2
喜爱 1.3
要好 1.3
嗜好 2
喜好 2
讨厌 1.2
仇恨 1.3
厌恶 1.3
憎恨 2
憎恶 2
厌弃 3
ài hào | ài hǎo1
ài hào:
[vt] take great pleasure in, be fond of, be keen on, like
[dress, clothing, sport, art, etc.]
[vt] take good care of
[health, etc.]
[n] liking for sth., taste for, interest, fancy, hobby
[v] be on good terms with

ài hǎo:
[v] like to look nice, want to be good, want to do better 
爱好音乐 love music
爱好和平 peace-loving
他爱好游泳 he is fond of swimming 
note tone change: hǎo >> hào
爱好 has basically the same meaning as 嗜好,
but without 嗜好's negative connotation
colloquially often pronounced 爱好儿 ài hàor/ài hǎor 
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