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synonym antonym xref.
舍不得 1.3
脍炙人口 2
手不释卷 3
百读不厌 4
百看不厌 6
深恶痛绝 2
不屑一顾 3
弃若敝屣 6
ài bú shì shǒu1
[ph] love sth. so much that one does not want to let it out of one's hands [lit.]

[ph] love sth. too much to part with, unwilling to relinquish sth., cannot bear to part with, unable to tear oneself away from, fondle admiringly 
他对这本好书爱不释手几乎到了废寝忘食的地步 he became so attached to this book that he practically did not eat or sleep 
also written: 爱不忍释
see also: 不忍释手 
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